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Fasting has been used for thousands of years in every culture to facilitate better health through cleansing. There are different ways to fast, each method offering different benefits. There’s the juice fast, the water fast, the fruit fast, the dry fast, the Master Cleanse, and several types of partial fasts. Each different type offers a particular benefit. The benefits of fasting are multiple, and in this post you can see just what you can expect to gain from this age-old body therapy. Fasting Benefit #1- Detoxification and Rejuvenation! I know you thought I was going to say “weight loss”,...

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The top three concerns for teens, according to surveys, are appearance, popularity, and self-esteem. In a world of unrealistic standards, sometimes the most excruciating suffering can be caused by a perceived problem in any one of these three areas. Remembering that nobody’s perfect, and that you are unique, will help you appreciate your special beauties and bolster your pride in yourself as you work on the areas that you feel need improvement. If you are a teen looking to lose weight you should take a different approach because the teen body is in a different life phase from the...

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Carbohydrates. Most foods contain them, and your body needs them for energy. You cannot escape carbs, they are in almost everything you eat! The smart thing to do is to learn more about them, including which ones will work against you in your efforts to lose weight and which ones work for you. Then you can learn to make your food choices work in your favor. Here is a lady on youtube with some wonderful tips on glycemic index foods and which ones are best for weight loss and maintenance so watch and learn! What is the best Glycemic...

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Eating the Paleo way simply means eating the way the caveman ate- meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, or what some might call “close to the ground”. I know you’ve heard of the Paleo Diet…right? Have you wondered how it works? Well, let me tell you, it’s a lifestyle change. Eating lean and clean will solve multiple issues for you, from weight to allergies, IBS, joint pain, acne, migraines, heartburn, high blood sugar, depression and digestive problems. Paleo has helped thousands of people and it can work for you….and this information can help you get on track to a food and...

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I know it’s hard to navigate through the maze of diets making promises of quick, easy and painless weight loss. Some of them are “extreme”, others are just crazy. I mean, who in their right mind would eat nothing but white rice and pineapple for days on end? Where is the nutritional value in that? When you want to conquer the bathroom scale without sacrificing your health, just keep looking. Use your noggin and take your body’s needs into account. So what do you really need to include in your diet and what should you cut out? How about...

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