It breaks my heart whenever I see someone at the grocery store frantically looking for “fat-free”, “low calorie” or “diet this” and “diet that”.

If they experience (or understand) how these chemicals are being processed in their bodies, then they would behave differently, and their weight loss goals would be easier to achieve.

The HOW and the WHY of food and your metabolism is covered in my weight loss coaching program; if you haven’t signed up yet, look for the red arrows on your right.

Today we’ll cover WHAT to buy at the grocery store for maximum weight loss.

Fresh Is First

Fresh food is your first option. Fresh fruits from the tree.  Fresh veggies from the harvest. Fresh meat from the butcher. Fresh fish from the sea. Fresh eggs and cheese from the farm.

I realize that in our “highly-convenient-and-modern-food-industry”, this is going to be difficult.

However, if you’re really, really, really fed up about being overweight, you’ll find a way to overcome the challenges.

Food Label

If there is NO food label, than the rule of thumb is: it’s better for you. Apples, oranges, green peas, carrots, nuts, etc.

In other words, there are little or no preservatives, food coloring, or artifical flavorings that were added. (Hopefully, that’s true.)

Your first option? Your local farmer’s market. Nothing gets fresher (besides your own backyard garden), since they haven’t been transported across your state. No need for preservatives.

You know what’s even better? Organic or not genetically modified (non-GMO) varieties. In a recent study in Germany, organic apples had 20% more anti-oxidants than non-organic.

Any seedless fruit is genetically modified. If you have the option to buy real fruits, then just do it.

While the seeds aren’t edible, your body absorbs the nutrients that protect the seed. Mother Nature has designed the seeds to be eaten, and dropped somewhere else with your poop!


If you have to buy ready-to-eat food, the way it is packaged tells me about the quality of the food.

Vacuum packaging is an expensive process. However, the preservatives are minimized. There are free radicals in the air that will accelerate the rotting or spoilage of the the food.

Vacuum packaging seals in the original nutrients, without introducing toxic preservatives that will end up and fester in your liver.

Freezing would be my 2nd choice – but vacuum and freezing combined, is a great option.


Skip the food label, read the fine print of the ingredients list. Be on the lookout for:

  • artificial sweeteners
  • hydrogenated fats (also known as trans fat)
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • sodium nitrates or nitrites
  • food colorings
  • artificial flavorings
Don’t Be A Fan of Weight Loss Plans

Pre-packaged meal plans are simply better marketed and EXPENSIVE versions of the foods we should be eating.

  1. You’re paying for the celebrities that endorse them.
  2. You’re paying for the preservatives so that they can last longer in the shelf.
  3. You’re paying for the fancy packaging that makes them attractive.
  4. You’re paying for the addiction to these meals plans.

I don’t know your definition of “addiction”. In my book, it’s not just about drugs.

At one point in my life, I was addicted to the common table salt. I was addicted to my son’s PS/2 video game system. I was also addicted to mindless internet surfing.

My definition of addiction: justifying the wrong behavior. In my head I would say things like:

  • “Another bite of the potato chip won’t hurt.” In actuality, my lips were literally hurting from the sodium overload.
  • “I’ll beat this one more level, then I’m done.” In reality, my fingers were already numb from pressing those controller buttons.
  • “One more website to look at, then I can do my chores.” The truth is, my eyes were seeing double looking at the computer monitor.
Mother Nature Can Better Nurture

Break the addiction from man-made foods that are primarily intended to make profits (at the expense of your health).

Have you ever wondered what the term whole foods, mean?

In laymans terms, it means the food is WHOLE – in its original natural state:

  • It’s not been broken down to make it look pretty and convenient.
  • It’s not been stripped of it’s skin or shell casing.
  • It’s not been exposed to high temperatures that change its biochemical properties.
  • It’s not been separated from the fiber it comes with.

Instead, what has our food/medical industry done? They sell:

  • “vitamin water”
  • mineral fortified cereals
  • once-a-month drugs against bone loss
  • fiber drinks
  • diet soda
  • beef painted pink to make it look fresh
  • chicken plumped with chemicals to make it look big, and weigh more
  • and the list continues on and on….endlessly!

Natural foods provide the balance of micronutrients so that they are absorbed by your body, and you wouldn’t need all this endless biochemicals that do nothing but mess up your metabolism.

Just follow the simple guidelines, and you can slip into those sexy jeans once again.