While I was working on my computer today, cleaning up my Twitter account, my stomach started to nudge me.

It was beckoning … asking me for some food. It wasn’t quite hungry yet, but just beginning to get there.

I looked at my clock…10:15am. It’s only midmorning, and still have a few hours before lunch.

Now if I wanted to lose weight – this would be an agonizing couple of hours before lunch, wouldn’t it?

But before I grabbed something to snack on, I decided to take my blood sugar.

Alas, it was at 74 mg/dl. That explains the grumblings from my stomach. It’s not too bad, but it’s certainly an indication that’s it going south.

That number tells me that I’m in the hunger zone – my body has a legitimate need for food.

Doughnut? Bagel? Coffee w/ sugar? Nah…that would just overshoot my blood sugar into the fat zone.

Instead, I grab some mixed nuts and a stick of pepperjack cheese. And of course, water as always.

Mixed nuts are close to perfect as a healthy snack

It’s easy to fight hunger by eating smart with nuts.

It has lots of fiber, proteins and healthy fats. I buy the unsalted variety in bulk from my local grocery, and mix it with tamari cashews to add some ZING in the flavor.

In less than 15 minutes, my hunger magically went away.

Do I count the calories? Nope. I don’t really care.

Fiber calories don’t count – they don’t get metabolized. The fats actually send a signal to my brain that I’m full – that will stop the cravings. And of course, proteins help repair my muscles – which in turn revs up my metabolism.

Two hours later, I took my blood sugar again –> 84 mg/dl. I’m way, way below the fat zone.

Probably too low, but guess what? I’m not hungry anymore, and if my body needs sugar energy – it will retrieve it from my body fat!

“But coach, I can’t have nuts!?”, you tell me. “I want some sugar. I want some chocolate.”

Here’s what I did –> M&Ms, the peanut variety (almonds are better), NOT the regular ones.

However, I do have to tell you that these M&Ms are only temporary. You should try to limit your consumption to a serving or two, at the most.

I’ve used this M&Ms technique personally to wean myself off from my mild sugar addiction. Here’s the key -> if you eat your sugars in combination with a healthy protein or fat, it stabilizes your metabolism.

Slowly over time, I switched to carob energee chunks. Also purchased from the bulk foods section of the local grocery.

At first, it may taste weird – you have to allow your tongue to get used to it – that’s why you’ll need the M&M nuts.

If you just try this simple technique, you will see yourself not suffering from hunger pains, and yet losing all that body fat.